Julia Dudorov



deletes the to-do lists of her team members every now and then because she can hardly wait to tick off tasks to have more order and space. 



Is the cliché Asian among us and can only handle a maximum of two beers. We all love him for his persistency and that he never stops trying though.

Patrick Ly Portrait
Julia Dudorov Founder of TRAVEL DUDE

Julia Dudorov

Founder / Digital Nomad / Backpacker since 2018

Hi there,

My name is Julia and I’m the founder of TRAVEL DUDE.
A few years ago, after successfully finishing my bachelor’s degree,
I thought: Finally, this is the time I’ve been waiting for. I’m now ready for my first big trip.
I was ready to change my life by traveling the world. However, the biggest change so far happened while preparing for the actual journey. That was the time when the Travel Dude story began. I started to get ready and pack my backpack. The plan was to find a way to keep my backpack oragnized, save space, keep track of my belongings and be able to travel light and minimalistic. 

And honestly, it was not as easy as it should have been. I had already heard of Packing Cubes, which helped with the points mentioned above.


Packing cube competitor

All of the bags were either…

…So I Created my own

Since I simply did not find any appealing products on the market,
I quickly decided to create my own TRAVEL DUDE!

Since the first TRAVEL DUDE Packing Cubes were launched,
I always use them on my trips around the world and today I can’t imagine an adventure without them.

I can assure you, that the Travel Dude packing cubes
were created and tested by a traveler for you travelers!

blueprint of packing cubes
Patrick LY Co- founder CEO Collage

Patrick Ly

Co-Founder /Acroyoga- /  Boulder-/ Techfan 

Hi guys, it’s Patrick!

My story did not start with a journey like Julia’s, but with a monotonous office job that increasingly took my motivation and enjoyment of life. Long story short, I could no longer identify myself with the company and its products I was working for. But luckily at that time I met Julia at a sales conference in Hamburg, Germany. She told me about her vision.

“Neat travel is peaceful travel, and peaceful travel is good travel. Packing cubes can help you achieve this.” It did not take long to get me inspired and thrilled by that vision. My first thought was to join her and help her achieve her vision.

“I’m all in!”, that’s what I said and I never regretted that decision.


As you can imagine, the collaboration was so good that we later made TRAVEL DUDE
our shared vision. We worked for days and weeks on the perfect product design. I remember the several meetings in coffee shops and bakeries.

  • We collected our requirements for the packing cubes;
  • Compared materials and design approaches; and
  • Ordered, compared & tested a number of competing products.


I remember the many nights I spent chatting with potential suppliersand discussing the feasibility of our design proposals.

After 5 long months of design and concept preparation,
plenty of telephone conferences with our supplier and many sample orders,
we were finally ready.

So finally end of February 2018, our first delivery arrived in Hamburg. Wuuhuu!

First Order Julia  Patrick

Our First Order Arrived

25 large cartons were delivered to Patrick’s front door.

That sounds like a joke today, but back then, TRAVEL DUDE’s fate was depending on those cartons!

So we checked our goods personally, before forwarding them to the Amazon Warehouse. It was not easy lifting those 16 KG heavy cartons, bringing them to the next post office to send them to the warehouse, but we made it! 

After our Launch

After launching the products, you can just imagine how we followed and celebrated the very first sales as well as every single feedback from our customers. 😁✌️

With many ups and downs, after having periods when we got out-of-stock, but gaining loyal customers in return, we can now look back at very successful years. We’ve been able to inspire many travelers and make their journey a better one. Above all, they could experience a smarter and more carefree journey because of our products, which makes us very proud of what we do every day. We take our vision very seriously and live by it ourselves. Julia as an example gave up her home and sold all of her belongings to travel around the world, indefinitely as a digital nomad, with her TRAVEL DUDE’s always on her side for a more pleasant journey.

Let your next travel journey be an awesome one. It’s in your power 😉

Patrick & Julia


We are full of ideas and constantly work on new projects.
By now we’ve also launched some more Products. To see them all check out our shop 🙂

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