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  • loves to travel, whether as a backpacker, a holiday traveler, an adventure seeker or a digital nomad?
  • values high-quality and sustainable travel products?
  • actively runs a blog, Instagram page or other social media channel?
  • has a big community of people you connect with?
  • supports Travel Dude and its mission?
yes, that sounds like me!
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By joining our partner program, you’ll become an integral part of our mission to promote sustainable travel and provide high-quality products and experiences to travelers worldwide.

Enjoy competitive commissions, marketing support, and early access to our latest offerings. Together, we can inspire responsible travel and make a positive impact on the industry and the world.

how it works


your own affiliate links. (30-day cookie lifetime)


it with your community via your blog or social media channel.


your commission depending on your link performance.


with us by your side as you provide added value to your community.

your options

Depending on which platform you are active on, we can offer you the following options:


Affiliate link with with a 30 day cookie lifetime and 15% commission for you
(suitable for websites / blogs / YouTube channels)


5% coupon code for your community and 10% commission for you
(good for social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc.)



Get both!

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