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You’re most likely familiar with it: Once you’re back from a longer journey you have the urgent feeling of leaving for the next adventure right away. You get caught in everyday life and wish you were in a carefree place on the other side of the globe. You miss the freedom and excitement. You catch yourself daydreaming and your inner anxiety grows.

The diagnosis: You caught the travel bug.

Every travel-lover is aware of this feeling. Therefore, I would like to get deeper into this topic and show you how you can deal with your wanderlust.


Wanderlust is a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world.

Wikipedia lets it sound simple. In our perception it’s much more complex.

Wanderlust is in our nature, as former the people wanted to explore faraway countries they only knew by hearsay. It is in our nature to be curious, be adventurous and to strive for freedom. For many this wanderlust is a sorrow, a sickness. Others barely even feel it. But if you caught the travel bug, it will forever be hard to fully please it by staying at home.

The further society moved, the harder this sorrow has become. In the beginning it was caused with travel tales from other people. But since we reached the social media era, there is no way around getting infected with the travel bug. This sickness is highly contagious.

It became part of us and for many it’s their drive and inspiration. Or isn’t it much easier for you to go to work when you know you have an upcoming journey?
Try not to work against it, but rather enjoy your wanderlust and try to benefit from it – your next adventure is waiting for you.

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Now it is clear, what wanderlust means, and we will talk a bit about its antonym: homesickness.

You made it. You finally satisfied your wanderlust and are drifting through the world. You are in the place of your dreams, but with your thoughts you’re stuck at home again.

After a while, I’m sure, this desire will hit you as well during a long journey. You will miss the comfort of a home, your family and friends.

The symptoms are indeed alike the wanderlust symptoms and can be caused by a variety of factors. Maybe you would like to calm down during your travels, but you’re lacking familiar surroundings. Or maybe you’re having troubles and struggle with solving them by yourself. Other triggers might be holidays, when you’re separated from your family, other religions or language barriers, which make you become desperate, or a simple memory, that makes you nostalgic.

To deal with homesickness in a better way, it’s the easiest to search for like-minded people. Many travellers find themselves in that exact same situation as you are in now and can therefore comprehend how you feel. They might have some interesting tips for you, how they deal with this feeling.

Try your best to distract yourself and to live in the now. Give it a little time and your homesickness will disappear by itself. Promise.


It seems impossible to stay in one place for a long time. Your job doesn’t fulfil you, because you’re permanently thinking about traveling. You got your head in the clouds and already plan your travel after next. You feel alone with your thoughts, because the people around you can’t understand your suffering. You are restless and have trouble with concentrating. You feel resentment about living in a dull, rainy place. You’re bored, because you’re used to living with adventures…

I could probably go on forever. The symptoms for wanderlust are endless and can’t be healed by any doctor.

The consequences are clear:
What begins with bad temper, is easily followed by quitting your job and moving in a faraway country. This seems like an extreme step, but 30 days of holidays per year are barely enough for anyone, who wants to satisfy their wanderlust.

Luckily you don’t necessarily have to quit your job, when you’re happy with it. Many employers allow you to take a temporary break to make a so-called sabbatical. If this seem interesting for you, make it work and ask your boss about it.

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What helps? How can we get rid of the travel bug?
With progression of the disease you will learn to arrange yourself with it. And that is important. Don’t let it get you down. Look at it as a chance and use the impulse that comes with it for yourself.

If you let it, it can motivate you to work and save more money for your next journey. Small amounts, that you can save in your everyday life can make a huge difference in the long-term.

After travel is before travel! So, start planning your next trip right when you get back. This way you can bypass the time and don’t get caught in a bad mood as quick.

Try to distract yourself. Go outside, work out, have fun with friends – nature satisfies your wanderlust for sure.

Obviously, there isn’t this one treatment and you will never be able to get rid of the travel bug, once you caught it. You’ll have to live with it.

But the next adventure is already on its way.

We are curious! Did you catch the travel bug? What are your methods to deal with it and what helps to temper it? Tell us about it in the comments!


Everyone who loves and is fulfilled by traveling, will catch the travel bug sooner or later. Especially those who desire the freedom of traveling feel restricted in the every-day life. Most people that get the travel bug aren’t satisfied with their familiar surroundings and are on a constant search for new adventures.

People, who caught the travel bug, usually feel an unsatisfaction that can only be relieved by traveling. It reveals in different ways and people often feel bored, discontent and lack the passion for their every-day life. They are frustrated about not being able to go after their desire and eventually find themselves in a lot of daydreaming.

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