Foldable Backpack for Travel & waterproofed - out of recycled PET

Foldable Backpack with Inflatable Air Cushion (22L)


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    • WATERPROOF ➔ The TRAVEL DUDE backpack protects your content from rain, moisture and dirt and also looks cool.
    •  INNOVATIVE ➔ With the inflatable back cushion you can now carry hard, sharp or pointed objects with you and protect your back. The side pocket helps you to quickly get to any object without having to turn the whole backpack upside down.
    • SPACE-SAVING ➔ You can fold the foldable backpack and shrink it to a handy size. Simply stow it in the pocket provided.
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ➔ Our high-quality foldable backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles. The sustainable backpack helps you to save energy and CO2, as well as reduce plastic consumption.
    • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE TRAVELER ➔The backpack is optimally sized for day and weekend trips and fits into every suitcase, travel bag, backpack and hand luggage as soon as you don’t need it. Whether on a business trip or private travel adventure, the backpack is guaranteed to make your trip easier.
    designed in germany